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At Coastline Spine & Health Center we believe in functional root-cause medicine. Our chiropractic clinic uses a testing-based approach for personalized treatment.

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Pain Should Not Be Managed.
It Should Be Resolved.

Our mission is to help you live the highest quality of life possible, so you can do more of what you love doing. At Coastline Spine & Health Center, we find and treat the cause of your pain, instead of just managing symptoms. Just like your teeth. The condition and position of your spine matters! No matter what season of life you are in, be proactive with your spinal health because better function = a better life.

Visiting a chiropractor regularly reduces your pharmaceutical costs by 85%
Patients who use chiropractic as their primary physician see 60% less hospital admissions
Treatment for low-back pain by a chiropractor costs 40% less than that of a medical doctor
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The Solution: A Root
Cause Approach To Health.

At Coastline Spine & Health Center we find the cause of your issue and create a tailored rehab protocol to get you healthy and keep you healthy! From our state of the art posture analysis program, range of motion testing, palpation examination, and X-Ray machine we don’t guess when it comes to your health and well-being, we test!

We treat the patient and their body as a whole! From personalized structural corrective chiropractic care, to exercise and nutrition coaching, to detox protocols and free monthly health workshops, our mission is for you to reach the highest functioning form of yourself! We believe everyone has the right to living a happy, healthy, and whole life, naturally.

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Our mission is to help you reach your ultimate potential by implementing practical yet highly effective health habits into your daily routine that last a lifetime! At Coastline Spine and Health Center we don't guess, we test! We identify and treat the root cause of your problem.

Knowledge is Power
We Provide A Place Where You Can Go For Answers
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We don't guess with your Health, we test! At CFC, patients become family.
A Natural Approach
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Chiropractic Care

With a focus on spinal alignment, chiropractic care is essential to natural wellness and is at the core of assisting in your body’s ability to achieve optimal health. In Addition to our commitment towards excellence our advantages are:

  • Back Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Headaches
  • Sciatica
  • Sports Injuries
  • Identify Misalignment
  • Help Remove Interference
  • Maximize Nerve Supply
  • Promote Overall Wellness
Client Feedback

Our Client

My family and I have been visiting coastline since it opened last April, in the beginning for corrective care and now for maintenance. From the second you walk in, you are treated like family. I had never been to a chiropractor before, and really did not know what to expect. Dr. Keith took time with me, and fully explained the correlation of what I was experiencing to spinal health in depth, and created an exact plan of care for me.

Christie Y.

I started seeing Dr. Keith at Coastline Family Chiropractic recently and this is the best I have felt in years. I feel like my old self again - I have more energy and clarity of mind and best of all, my headaches and neck pain are gone!

Chris T.

All the Doctors at CFC are amazing!!! The compassion and care that every single person there gives is just incredible. From the front desk to the doctors and their assistants, they make you feel like your health is the most important thing to them. I couldn’t even stand up straight when I first walked in. Within a week I was getting relief. After a month I was feeling back to my normal self.

Debra S.

This chiropractor is the best. I'm 6'4, overweight and have had back problems for the past 15 years. I have been to wat to many chiropractors. They give me a shot or some medicine and send me on my way. These were just quick short-term fixes. Coastline sets you up with a program for long term fixed. After two months of visits, I can finally play with my kids and do more of the outdoor stuff I have been wanting to do. My only negative comment is that I wish I had gone to them sooner!
Client for life-

Prentice S.

I’ve been to many chiropractors throughout Brevard county and have not had the best experiences, UNTIL I found Coastline Family Chiropractic! I am so glad I listened. Dr. Keith and Dr. Hannah put their patients first and listened to my needs. Unlike many of my other experiences, their office is upfront with costs and even offers flexible payment options. I haven’t felt this good and energized in years! Thank you Dr. Keith and Dr. Hannah!

Melissa G.

I cannot sum up the experience and do it any Justice… life changing is what I can say! Affordable, convenient and most noticeable, passionate about what they do! The testimonials and personal benefits I have witnessed are amazing! My only regret? I didn’t go sooner, at 40 years old this is my first chiropractic experience and it has been rejuvenating! Do yourself a favor, go get screened and listen to the feedback!

Patrick B.